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AIChE Projects Showcase 2021

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Welcome to Showcase 2021! We hope you are able to get a comprehensive view of our program and the progress our teams have made during the     2020-2021 school year! 

To enter a team's poster session, navigate to their specialized breakout room on your Zoom menu bar. Breakout rooms will open at 12pm.

Itinerary 2021







Event Opens

Opening Statements

Team Presentations Begin

Closing Statements

Poster Session Begins

Event Closes

Congratulations to our winners!

Best Presentation: Portable Wind Power

Honorable Mention: Fuel Cell and

Ethanol Production Optimization

Best Poster: Cryodesalination

Honorable Mention: Portable Wind Power, Phosphorus Wastewater Treatment, and Active Water Treatment

Fuel Cell
Meet the teams

The Teams

Fuel Cell

Developing cutting-edge Hydrogen energy and storage solutions
Active Water Treatment

Active Water Treatment

Treating Uranium toxicity in water
for the Navajo Nation
A new approach to providing
potable seawater
Ethanol Productin Optimization

Currently Unavailable

Ethanol Production Optimization

From food to fuel: environmentally-friendly biofuel
Learn More
Phosporous Wastewater Treatment
Preserving the oceans through wastewater treatment

Phosphorous Wastewater Treatment

Portable Wind Power
Pocket-sized renewable energy solutions

Portable Wind Power

Past Years

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