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Phosphorus Wastewater Treatment

est. 2016


Design a process that aids in the efficient recovery of phosphorus from seawater for uses of environmental and agricultural sustainability


Use ion-exchange resins to continuously extract phosphorus in wastewater. Regenerate resins to recycle phosphorus.


Resins Regenerable
Phosphorus Recyclable
Parts Replacable
Columns Removable


Python for Data Analysis; Wet lab skills for experiments; Solidworks for 3D modelling; Game night for good mood 

Recent Progress


2020-2021 Roster

Project Managers:

Diana Vo - '22

Eleanor Quirk - '22

Team Members:

Jake Hotchkiss - '22

Steven Swee - '22

Laura Simonato - '22

Josh Suzuki - '22

Joy Zhou - '23

Nicholas Wan - '21

Arturo Medina - '21

Meet the Team

Project History

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