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Portable Wind Power

est. 2015


To create a small-scale, portable, and cost effective turbine that will harness wind resources at UC San Diego


Utilized turbine component designs on Fusion 360, machined with a laser cutter, 3D printed, and hand-cut


Harnesses wind resources at UC San Diego and teaches younger students the utility of CAD and Arduino through outreach


Fusion 360, 3D printing, TinkerCAD Arduino, Strong team dynamic through socials, 

Recent Progress


2020-2021 Roster

Project Managers:

Anthony Picchi- '21

Michelle Singer- '22

Team Members:

Brian Mora-Maciel- '22

Henry Asker- '22

Digvijay Jani- '22

Matthew Garcia- '22

Neh Patel- '22

David Wong- '22

Chase Hickey- '23

Patnaree (Mimi) Tanglertsampan- '24

Anada Atwal- '24

Meet the Team

Project History

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